"Stitches", recorded in October 2016 at Real Sound Studio in Milan (Italy), is our 7th album just released on February 23rd!
13 new songs in English that trace clearly the most authentic pop punk acts, influenced by the Ramones and bands like Screeching Weasel, The Queers, MTX and the first Green Day. Simple and straightforward texts, three chords played in bursts to pieces lasting up to a minute and a half and pop melodies that you get immediately into the brain, these are the distinctive elements of the sound that we are offering to our fans with this new album where we have reached full stylistic maturity. If you are a fan of the genre you should not miss it.

01. Chin Up! Chest Out!

02. Everybody Listens To The Ramones Even My Mom

03. Screw You (Videoclip)
04. Darkness Inside Your Heart (Videoclip)
05. I'm Gonna Kick You In The Ass
06. Another Sleepless Night
07. Hit Them
08. I Can't Figure Out What To Do

09. Shit Talkers

10. Missiles

11. Stitches

12. Liquid Glue

13. When We Are Together

Producer: Professional Punkers

Release Date:  February 23rd 2017

Labels: Professional Punkers/Monster Zero (Europe), Outloud! Records (USA)

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